Janet L. Hall, Web Site Creator, WordPress ExpertJanet L. Hall is the founder and Principal Consultant of OverHall Consulting, a training, website creation, and virtual web master company. OverHall Consulting, specializes in helping and training women, small business owners, and people new to the Internet get a website, get on the Internet, market their website and software/computer training. Janet teaches on-site, via phone, and at the College of Southern Maryland.

Benefits to Hiring Janet L. Hall

  • Helping your business soar is what I’m all about!
  • My decades of experience benefit YOU!
  • A one-on-one coaching approach to ease you into your online business and website operations reduces your stress.
  • Internet marketing – Product Creation – Sales Approach, SEO and Pay-Per-Click are some of the areas I help you perfect, or do for YOU.
  • Want to write e-books, produce online videos or (podcasts), audio?

History and Experience

Janet L. Hall has been in the computer business since the 1970’s, before Microsoft® was even ‘born’.

Janet’s computer experience started long before PC’s were on every desk or the Internet. At first she was a key card operator. She programmed and typed information onto a long card, a Holerith card. Some of you might remember these cards in your phone or utility bill. DO NOT BEND, FOLD, STAPLE, or PUNCH! Janet was taught by Bendix Corporation how to do Data Entry on punch cards.

Janet went from punching cards to working in the computer department of The Tobacco Institute and while she was there along came a software program, ALL-IN-1 by Digital Equipment Corporation. This was before Microsoft times and at the beginning of when PC’s started to appear on everyone’s desk. Janet was sent to “Digital School” and was the main person to train other users in the company.

Then Janet got a big break and was offered a training position with a private company to teach ALL-IN-1 to a division of the government. She helped create user manuals and did class room training.

Fast forward to 1996 when Janet first got a “freebie” website to advertise my professional organizing services. She took HTML classes so she could code her site and make it look the way she wanted. Within a few years she purchased her first domain, overhall.com and purchased a hosting and shopping cart package.

Janet began creating products before many others on the Internet knew how and began teaching and coaching others around 1997.

Whether working on design, maintenance, repair, or updates she gets the job done on time, on budget, and with a level of integrity that is not often seen in the industry

Ellis Richman, NutriBee

In the past 10 years that I have been in marketing/PR I’ve interfaced closely with quite a few internet/website specialists, yet have not often experienced anyone as proficient at her niche as Janet. Whether working on design, maintenance, repair, or updates she gets the job done on time, on budget, and with a level of integrity that is not often seen in the industry.

Ellis Richman, Vice President of Strategic Growth and Development of NutriBee

Studies and What Janet Can Train and Maintain

iThemes Training; 2009 - Current: (WordPress, Coding: .html, .css, .php, jQuery. iThemes Builder, PluginBuddy Suites, iThemes, Exchange, BackupBuddy, iThemes Security Pro, Gravity Forms, E-Commerce, Facebook, Membership sites, Design, Non-Profits, WordPress Plugins, Podcasts, SEO, SSL, Twitter, and  more)
WordPress; 2007-Currrent
FrontPage: Janet created an audio/video called "FrontPage Show and Tell"

All Microsoft® products

Camtasia Studio

Sound Forge XP Studio 5

Google Adwords (Perry Marshall)
Local PPC Marketing (Perry Marshall and Talor Zamir)

Internet Marketing (Tom Antion, the late Corey Rudl, John Reese, Jim Edwards, and Mark Joyner)

Product Creation

Janet currently has produced six audio CD’s on various website development and techniques and created a multimedia CD, "FrontPage Show and Tell". She also have 24 audio CD’s/MP4's about getting organized, feng shui, and energy work, four e-books, two e-mail courses, and a complete system on how to become a professional organizer, from when she first began selling on the Internet.

Janet can train you how to create products and sell or do it for you.

She brings a wealth of practical and applicable subject matter expertise that has made her an invaluable part of our instructor team.

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Her energy, planning, and thoughtfulness are reflected in the student evaluations where she consistently receives the highest ratings. Her teaching abilities are evident in the very impressive websites that have been created by her students. Janet is a pleasure to work with and I look forward to a long professional relationship between us.